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My clinic is a family practice offering treatments for all ages including babies and children, the elderly, pregnant women, people suffering from sporting injuries and a variety of other medical conditions. I’m especially interested in the treatment of children and babies because I find that early treatment can help establish a good balance in the body and sets the scene for a life time of good health.

> Osteopathy in Stansted, near Bishops Stortford


The maintenance of good mechanical function is essential to good health because problems in the framework of the body can disturb the circulatory system or the nerves to any part of the body. This can affect many aspects of a persons health with mechanical problems not only leading to aches and pains in joints and muscles, but also to disturbances in the internal organs and the way they work. By utilising a highly-developed sense of touch, I’m able to identify problem areas then by using gentle stretching, mobilising and manipulation techniques I aim to resolve the problems found. Working with the body I create the perfect condition to facilitate the healing process, guiding every system, particularly the musculoskeletal, to a state of balance and harmony.

“Following a knee injury my doctor told me I probably wouldn’t ski again. Thanks to Hazel’s treatment I’ve been back on the slopes a few times since”.

Simon Thomas

If you’re trying to recover from injury please give Hazel a call.

Osteopathic treatment can be an alternative as well as complimentary to conventional medicine. It is a discipline which offers patients an additional treatment option for many conditions, especially treatment of the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, spine, knee, shoulders and trapped nerves. The management plan is taken from the diagnoses and treatment is to the dysfunctions that occur because of injury, stress or disease.

As an osteopath my aim is to treat the person not the condition. All areas of symptoms are taken into account and I work with the structural imbalances that are present in the body to restore a state of physical balance.

After treatment advice is offered on maintaining good health, improving posture, exercise, paying attention to body alignment, avoiding potentially damaging movements, plus diet tips if necessary.

> Cranial Osteopathy in Stansted, near Bishops Stortford
Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial Osteopathy

“To experience the cranial aspect of these treatments working in such a subtle way - has been amazing”.

Mandy Beaumont

If you think you or your family can benefit from Cranial Osteopathy please call Hazel.

Although I am fully trained in ‘conventional’ osteopathic manipulation, I believe that in most cases osteopathic treatment in the cranial field particularly the biodynamic approach is a more appropriate form of therapy. I have found through experience that most osteopathic treatments using cranial osteopathy tend to be more effective and give longer lasting benefits than structural. Although the term ‘Cranial Osteopathy’ suggests treatment of the head, this is not the case. It’s a technique that can be applied very effectively to any part of the body, and affect the whole.

“I truly believe that the treatment you administered has helped Milo and released his talents”.

Jo Bonsor, Milo’s mum

If you think you or your family can benefit from Cranial Osteopathy please call Hazel.

Cranial osteopathy is a refined and subtle type of osteopathic treatment that applies a very gentle non-invasive technique to encourage changes through the body including the head. Cranial osteopathy treats the whole body not just the head and I vary the treatment methods depending on my preference and the individual patient’s problem. Cranial osteopaths may have different special interests which includes, sport injuries, paediatrics and visceral (treating the internal organs of the body). Cranial osteopathy embraces all of these.

> Acupuncture in Stansted, near Bishops Stortford


Acupuncture is a tried and tested system of complementary medicine. I offer this type of treatment to my patients in the form dry needling to help with their pain management.

> Pilates in Stansted, near Bishops Stortford


“I am now more aware of my breathing and posture which, I am convinced, helps me to keep a number of aches and pains at bay”.

Frank Farrell

If you wish to maintain a healthy body you’re welcome to join Hazel’s pilates class.

To help with my patients rehabilitation I offer specially formulated pilates classes and individual exercise programmes designed to aid and guide them to Whole Body Health. Whole Body Health refers to the development of the body, the mind and the spirit in complete co-ordination with each other. It is thought this state can be achieved through exercise, proper diet, good hygiene and sleeping habits, plenty of sunshine and fresh air, and a balance in life of work, recreation and relaxation.

Step by step, you can change the way you look, the way you feel and the way you move. In order for you to get the most from the exercises, they should be tailored to your own personal needs. On examination, the different postural types are assessed and a remedial programme is given to help your body move back into correct alignment.

> Rehabilitation therapy and further advice

Rehabilitation therapy and further advice

After treatment advice is offered on maintaining good health, improving posture, exercise, paying attention to body alignment, avoiding potentially damaging movements, plus diet tips if necessary.

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